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​​Humble Beginnings...

In 2011, the TASMAN group became the proud owners of one of the last remaining tanneries in the in the United States of America. A superior quality, rich and elegant, the TASMAN name will be echoed throughout our land as the American Brand.


Our Philosophy is simple... to create beautiful American Made Leather. The Tasman Family is dedicated to great nation and strives to reignite the American spirit by providing a superior quality of Leather.

Our Leathers...


The TASMAN Leather Group has spent countless hours to uncovering the Original formulas to many globally recognized leathers from the depths of our Tannery

vault. Thus, without any further adieu we at TASMAN Leather Group are proud to present The "PRIME Originals" by TLG. Thanks to the hard work of the TLG Team these world renowned leathers will once again appear in the global marketplace in their ORIGINAL form!

Come Visit - The American Leather Institute...

As the only leather school in the USA, we have a wide range of courses that are offered educate designers and leather product manufacturers of all kinds. Courses are offered at Beginner, Advanced and Expert levels. 

  We Make It.     You Wear It.
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